Midnight Rain started as a project of two long time friends and musicians Boris Šurlan (Raven, Abandon) and Vlad Invictus (Claymore). Graduated as one of the best students in sound design and music production at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Boris started producing songs at his home studio, simply called „Midnight“. In 2010 he asked his friend Vlad Invictus, singer and guitarist in epic power metal band Claymore, to join forces and make some music that was different from their previous bands. They composed their first song „Get Out of My System“ in summer of 2010, but soon came the idea that this project called „Midnight Rain“ should follow the steps of projects and bands like Ayreon and Star One, only with local musicians involved. During the first three years of the project, eleven musicians entered the Midnight Studio and total of eight songs were recorded and produced for the debut album called „Evolution I“. Every artist that was involved in the project wasn't just a participant who played by the notes of Boris and Vlad. Artistic freedom in this case was limitless. Cover and booklet art were beautifully done by young and talented concept artist Nevena Lazarević. The music style of Midnight Rain varies from soft acoustic pieces to hard rocking metal tunes. The co-creators of the project wished to incorporate different genres in compositions, like blues, jazz, progressive rock, pop, hard rock and metal. Each song is a unique piece of music, unbound to any specific style or band. All songs were mixed and mastered by Boris Šurlan. Two videos were recorded so far. The first video is just a mix of scenes during the recording of the song „Get Out of My System“. The second video for the song „Just for You“, was shot and edited by Petar Belaćević (PeripetiA), who also played the bass guitar on two songs. Both videos can be seen at Midnight Rain's official youtube channel. Midnight Rain had many offers for the live shows, but for now Boris and Vlad don't intend to engage this project as a full performing band due to the fact that such endeavor is, at this time, very expensive and complicated. Midnight Rain continues working on the next album with new musicians and artists involved. One of the main goals is contacting the musicians from all over the world, because music knows no boundaries and barriers. In case of this project, always expect the unexpected.
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